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Am I good enough?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who I had met via the cosplay community her and her boyfriend had done really good cosplays at a con I was at recently and I suggested they might like to come to the studio sometime and get some more shots done. I got a response I wasn’t expecting to be honest

2019 Comic Cons

So con season is upon us you might have event been to your first Comic Con of 2019. We have we kicked of the year in Glasgow with the Kupocon WeePom. below is a list of con we will be attendeding this year and what days

Cosplayers, Model and Togs Against Cancer – 24 Live Stream

Toneagraphy online is doing a 24 hour Photoshoot In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. At least one of us Tony will be staying awake for the Full 24 hours. we are starting the action at mid day on the 2nd and will keep going until mid day on the 3rd or until we are all dead whatever comes first.

Want to join in the fun ?

we are always looking for people interested in writing for us. Although we may approach some people, we always want to hear from anyone who has something they want to say, helping us to achieve our goal of becoming a genuine, community run online magazine.