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Writing the first page of any blog can be hard.

If you remember back at school the whole blank sheet of paper that you had to write an essay on, getting started was always the problem but once you got started you couldn’t stop. What should I write about, should I be writing some amazing post that will wow you or should I write something that will make you laugh and hunger to come back for more but maybe I should tell you about Toneagraphy who we are what we are about. To be honest the last answer is the best one but let’s see if I can throw elements of the other ideas in too.

Toneagraphy really started just over 2 years ago It was me as a solo photographer travelling around the UK to comic con learningeabout the cosplay community. This is very much our roots, and this will not change and will always be a key element of what Toneagraphy has to offer. After two years of this I come to realize what an amazing community the cosplay community is.

Don’t get me wrong I am not blind to the negatives however as a whole, people are friendly, lovely encouraging thoughtful people and I am pleased to say I have made some great friends though the community.

About 6 months ago there was a major change in my life as I split with my wife of 14 years, but this was a positive thing it allowed me to live the life I wanted to without be having to think of someone else and the impact it would have on them. I am not a selfish person I just was feeling caged in a loveless relationship marking time. With having my own place, I have been able to create a small but well-equipped home studio that is being constantly improved and I am constantly on the lookout for props for the studio. I could also shoot when I wanted and also to start to work with models as well as cosplayers that where it all exploded.

I needed help, I was shooting on average 5 times a week producing thousands of useable images. Visiting at least one con a month and it was fun huge fun, but I wasn’t getting time to update social media. I had more cosplayers than I could shoot asking for shoots than I could fit in. It was amazing and I thank both the cosplay and model community for all the support and encouragement.

At last after years of search I found something that made me truly happy. But I still needed help, I decided it was time to build a team to help me well That has happened a lot faster than I thought. Go to our about page to meet the whole team but some special thanks go to two people the first members of the team Michelle and Haukur. Michelle is amazing she looks after social media for me taking one of the biggest pressures I was putting on myself away. Haukur has become my partner in crime someone that thinks and has the same work ethics as myself and Con are so much more fun with two of us laugh and joking about.

The inital team, Haukur, Michelle and Tony at MCM London October 2018 Thanks to Unmadesugar Cosplay Photography & Edits for this shot all rights reserved 

Birmingham was our second con working together and we had a blast shooting by day, hanging out with lovely people and while talking to people over this con I came to the realization that people wanted to be involved not just have pictures taken by us but really be involved in Toneagraphy and well you really don’t know how happy this made me. Over the week I talk to lots of people and ended up with a team of awesome people some I have known for some time and some I have met in the last few month but I love my team they make me laugh they make me smile, they make me think and they support and encourage me. Each and every one of them is special to me and for me the most important thing is Toneagraphy give back. I will let them tell you forthemselves what made them want to join in this well what frankly has become a Frankenstein of a project. But the most important thing is we are all having fun and themodel and cosplayers we work with are having fun too.

Birmingham MCM Haukur and Tony . Thanks to Donnald Manning for these great shots

what Toneagraphy stand for and what it consists of:-

To get all American on your butts we have a mission statement

Toneagraphy aim to provide high quality interesting photography/Videography working with cosplayers and model, we also aim to provide Articles and Video that will make people laugh, assist with new skills and entertain.

Toneagraphy is dedicated to providing safe photography/Videography for models and cosplayers. To protect model and cosplayers from the darker side of the industry.

We also want to assist and encourage cosplayer and models to fulfil their potential and to be happy in life

How do we plan to do this: –

Well Toneagraphy Online is really the first step.

We want to encourage everyone to get involved. To write articles for the magazine. Not just team members but I mean everyone, be you a photographer, an editor, a cosplayer, a writer, a videographer, a model or just a fan of a specific fandom we want to hear from you, we want to give you a platform to be heard from.

Of course, we do have to be selective about what we share we will not tolerate bullying of any kind, trolling or abusive behaviour in anyway shape or form, we would welcome support, encouragement and constructive critic. So, if you want to get involved feel free to message me or email us at checkthisout@toneagraphy.org.uk

Birmingham MCM Haukur and Tony . Thanks to Donnald Manning for these great shots

So, what’s next

Currently we are working hard on Togs, Cosplayers and Modelsagainst Cancer, A collaboration with Poisoned_Photography, Simply Photography and of course the amazing Manong brandon. As well as lot and lots of amazing cosplayersand models. The list is still be finalised. This is a 24-hour live stream photoshootwith multiple camera, Fun, interviews, giveaways Starting at Midday on the 2ndof February 2019

Also, we are launching a YouTube channel that will be very linked to Toneagraphy online. This will be covering con’s and also live streamsand will be the main platform for these

We want to expand Toneagraphy Online to include forums where people can ask and give advice or just banter, we have some basic ideas for messageboard for this but would love to hear what you would like to discuss withpeople with similar interests.

Merchandise will become a big part of our fund raising to help run all this. This was something I was initially against but so many people have been asking about the baseball caps and T shirts that we have decided to launch a range of merchandise. Running a project like this sadly take money. I have never wanted to profit from cosplayers or models so every single penny raised from this will go back into running of Toneagraphy. Not a single member of the team myself included is paid for being part of this and we are mostly self-funded. So by supporting us you help us keep the benefits for everyone free

This is a massive project but I have an amazing team and we all just want to give back while having fun

Well that was the first post. I hope others will be as excited about this as I am

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