Easy ways to not crop photos on instagram

Instagram has a pretty odd sizing guide that not every person or photographer compensates for. The logo, is the best way to guarantee that a photographer or model gets credit for the photo, no matter where it ends up. Therefore I’m doing my best to make sure everyone knows they have the tools to avoid cropping a great looking post!

You start with a lovely photo like this, and it has been shot in a way that cropping it would ruin the image as well as take away credit.

As you can see, trying to put it onto instagram, it still forces you to crop out either the top or bottom.

So what is the best way to not crop?

Luckily lots of apps exist to make it easier for us normal folk.


I use on IPhone: Square Fit. I will add some Android alternatives. Don’t worry about your wallet, I use a free version and although there are ads, they’re mostly ignorable.

On this app you can choose what sort of sizing it needs to be, meaning instagram is not the only thing it’ll size for you! It’ll show two intagram sizes, Youtube Thumbnails, and facebook.

You start off with this white background where you can add your photo. Under Canvas, you can change the size of the borders and even change the colour of the borders themselves. I personally choose the blur border.

You can change the border under the presets tab and the border colour tab. Take some time and get to learn what the app offers. There might be more you can use.

When you’re done, all you have to do is export the photo! When you do you can even share directly from the app to social media.

According to our best friend google, these are the best no cropping apps for Android in 2018:

  1. No Crop & Square for Instagram
  2. Square InstaPic – Photo Editor
  3. Square Quick Pro-No Crop Photo
  4. InstaSquare Lite: Size Collage
  5. InstaSize- Photo Editor

Best IPhone cropping apps in 2018:

  1. Square fit
  2. InstaSize
  3. Square Instapic
  4. No Crop & Square for Instagram
  5. Camera MX

There you have it, it’s relatively simple and a quick google search should answer most of your questions. If you do need to know more just message @Toneagraphy and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction! This way you can show the internet the photo in its entirety like it was intended! Go explore the apps and get the hang of it! I would love to see the outcomes and hopefully this makes your experience with posting much easier, rather than the headache it can sometimes be.

Bonus: Pic Jointer

I personally use this app if I want to combine more than one photo into my post. Sometimes, when posting selfies or photos that relate, combining them just looks a little better or is exactly the aesthetic you want. You have several different types to choose from in the free version and a few more if you feel like paying for it. This isn’t necessary as this app works well as the free version.

Luckily, it can size for whichever social media site you want to use it on.

You can resize, get rid of borders and even change the size of the boxes. This app has everything you’ll need for resizing. Once you’re done, you can export save it to your device or export it directly into the apps you want it on.

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