Toneagraphy was founded in 2016 by Tony Hitchinson. Initally, it was just a single photographer on the lonesome road to art. In 2019, Toneagraphy aims to become so much more.

Tony has brought together a group of like minded mugs… I mean ‘people’, to help build an empire that will take over the world.

Showering it with geekness and Nerdology whilst forcing people to play cards against humanity.

Well, either that or we look to provide a safe and supportive enviroment for cosplayers, models and photographers, videographers, writers and so many more creative types to share views and network. 

To make people smile and have an overall fun experience with us.

Meet the Team

Tony i.e. ME – Founder, Photographer and general dogs body. started taking pictures in 2014 starting with wildlife and landscapes before moving on to Cosplay and Models

Likes all things geeky and owner of many swords. long haired nerd, has a strange passion for the Dark Knight and all things Norse (guess what race he play’s in all elder scroll games)  Lives in a studio, Vodka drinking, burger eating party animal

Michelle – Cosplayer, Model and Social Media manager (check her out on instagram as  Candyylocks

Dutch born but calls the UK Home, Michelle spends a lot of time making fun of Tony and posing for butt shots. The truth is Toneagraphy would be lost without her as she manages most of the day to day running of the social media (Yes i am being nice about you)

Hana – Photographer, Cosplayer 

I’m Hanna, I’m a wannbe goth that doesn’t like horror, who’s life dream is to have an army of ragdoll cats. I dabble in photography, photoshop and cosplay and I do love a challenge, and learning while you have no idea what you are doing is definitely a challenge. I’d say I’m a bit a jack of all trades master of none so I figure the best way to learn would be to watch the masters at work so when I was offered to help with Toneagraphy I wasn’t going to say no. So looking forward to see what I can learn from this talented team!

Izzy – Model, Cosplayer and Videographer

Hey I’m Izzy, a nerd who adores film and art. I model, paint, attempt to cosplay, and make videos. As an artist I have a billion and one crazy ideas and I know I can call on these guys to bring them to life. I have a passion for film production and I decided to work as the videographer for this badass team of people so that we can create some awesome stuff together.

Samm – Cosplayer, Photographer, 

Hey I’m Samm, 22 years young residing in the South East of England. Passionate about cosplay, I am a big believer in expressing yourself through the characters and people you relate too. As a cosplayer, I am incredibly fussy about photos of myself and my angles, as still I do not know them very well. Because of this, as a photographer for toneagraphy, my style is working until we get the shot that you want. I will help you with your angles to make sure the photos portray everything you are and all of your beauty. We will work together, because although I will do my research prior to the shoot, however you want the shots, we shall do. I am very chill, and I like to have a laugh when doing shoots to make sure you are comfortable, confident and able to be the best you you can be.

Rhiannon – Cosplayer, Model, project management

Becca – Cosplayer, Model, Online Magazine Editor

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