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Poisoned Photography (AKA Charlotte) is photographer based around Surrey UK! whom loves to shoot with models, and have shot cosplay, lingerie, fashion. Charlotte is more then happy to shoot with new models helping them to learn how to pose and take direction, and is very good her time to make the models feel comfortable. Charlotte also cosplay’s, and Models so has a fairy unique situation of knowing what it is like to be on the other side of the camera. Charlotte ambition is to make photography her job and to do it full time!. I have worked with Charlotte many times on both sides of the camera and when I needed some shot done of me Charlotte was the photographer I asked to do it. I have the pleasure of considering Charlotte as a Close friend and I have seen her grow as a photographer over the last two years its been a honour to watch that. Charlotte has worked with Toneagraphy on a few projects now 24 hour charity shoot and Mental health project, Male cosplay shoot day where she has always been amazing to work with

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been taking photography more seriously for about 3 years now! But I first picked up a camera and started being the ‘family photographer’ when I was about 11 as my dad encouraged me in the Lake District!

Are you a professional Photographer that does it for a living or someone that does it for fun?

I do photography for fun at the moment but I would love to become a professional and do it for my job – that’s the dream!

If doing it for fun what makes it fun for you?

What makes it fun for me is trying new things, and seeing people’s reactions when they see a photo of themselves that they love. I recently have tried lingerie and shooting fashion in London for the first time and I’d love to do more!

How did you start as a photographer?

Apart from taking many a picture in the Lake District of the family, or somewhat questionable work during A-Level, Comiccon was really where I started to take photos and do shoots with people!

What’s your Favourite lens and why Natural light or strobe lighting what do you prefer?

My favourite lenses are the Sigma Art 50mm and 35mm although I don’t own them! One day soon… And I much prefer natural lighting because it’s softer and I find it more interesting to work outside with no worrying about lights or studio space etc.

What is your favourite subject to shoot People/Wildlife/Landscape event other?

My absolute favourite thing to do is to shoot with people. I love working with people, and how diverse they are. Photography for me is very much a collaboration so getting to experiment with other people’s personalities is amazing. I think I’m lucky that I’m quite comfortable helping people in front of the camera and helping someone hit that pose where they feel beautiful/powerful is such a good feeling!

 Do you have any funny stories relating to shoots?

I’ve wandered backwards into the edge of a fountain, climbed trees and flattened myself to the ground for shots! All of which are amusing due to other people’s reactions. I think the other funny thing that happens is the bizarre amount of people that have assumed I’m a man because my page name isn’t gendered…

What was the last shoot you did?

The last shoot I did was MCM London (May)! Within that my last ‘proper’ shoot was of Merlin and Arthur with samm213cosplay and dbnjaegarcosplay and I’m so happy with the images we got! They’re very atmospheric and I can’t wait to edit and share them…

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D700, normally with a 50mm lens

Dream Location to shoot?

Probably Iceland! Or a large country house… As long as I have a model in a flowy dress both locations would be PERFECT!

Do you do studio work or location only or both?

I’m happy to work in a studio, or on location, but I prefer on location as model’s interacting with their environment makes for a more interesting photo! And I feel more creative that way.

If you could give one tip to other photographers what would it be?

JUST DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE. I’ve heard so many stories of people changing body shape without permission, telling models they’re not photogenic, being super aggressive about people posting/not posting etc. It’s shocking how much models (especially women) are so grateful after a shoot when all I’ve done is been nice and courteous and it shows how much pressure some other togs must put on the model. To me a shoot has to be a collaboration between the model and photographer so that everyone is on the same level and can put 110% into the shoot.

Do you like to collaborate with other photographers or only work alone?

I haven’t done much collaboration with other photographers officially but I think I’d love that! The chance to take an idea and each put your own spin on it challenges me creatively and pushes me further and I like that 🙂

 how do you think the photographer community can help each other more?

I think being less ‘prickly’ when it comes to sharing knowledge and tips would be a great start. I’m always open with how and what I do to photos etc. because I’m confident that helping others isn’t going to affect my own work. Photography is a hard world to jump into with all the kit/terminology and elitism that occurs and just being a helping hand to newcomers would go a long way to make others feel welcome, and show that photographers have confidence in their own work.

 if you could give new models one bit of advice what would it be?

Don’t worry about looking stupid! If a photo of you looks bad/a pose doesn’t work/ you’re blinking then the photographer won’t use it (their work would look bad then too) and NO ONE ELSE WILL SEE IT EXCEPT YOU TWO – so you can be confident to experiment and try to nail that shot! If something doesn’t work, you can always just shrug it off and move straight on.

who is your favourite photographer and why?

I’ve recently been blown away by taschadearingart and her portraiture. She captures an emotion that I’d love to do one day and each photo is crammed with personality. I also love brandonwoelfel and his work. He turns what could be everyday shots into vibrant portraits that all share the same aesthetic and are unmistakably his. He also plays with light a lot!

In terms of some more NSFW work, something I’d like to do more of (lingerie/implied etc.) I’ve had my breath taken away by both Toneagraphy (thanks the money is in the posts – Tony) and Darren Rowley. They manage to make their models reach a level of art that reminds me of statuesque work and is absolutely stunning. The photos also show a level of trust and confidence between model and photographer that a lot of people miss when trying that type of work which I’d love to work on.

How can people get to work with you?

They can drop me a message on Instagram (@Poisoned_photography1), or Facebook (@Poisoned_Photography). To see some more work, portfolios are being uploaded to www.idyllicchaos.com to show more than just cosplay work!

I’d like to work on any form of photography so cosplayers or not, please do get in contact!

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