I had a conversation with a friend of mine who I had met via the cosplay community her and her boyfriend had done really good cosplays at a con I was at recently and I suggested they might like to come to the studio sometime and get some more shots done. I got a response I wasn't expecting to be honest

Cover picture: bekzxx cosplay first time in a studio

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who I had met via the cosplay community her and her boyfriend had done really good cosplays at a con I was at recently and I suggested they might like to come to the studio sometime and get some more shots done. I got a response I wasn’t expecting to be honest.

Bendy Benz Cosplay First Studio shoot

Wow thank you so much! That’s super generous of you to invite us and we would love to come down at some point.
we would seriously love to and feel so honoured and unworthy of an invite to your studio.

Well I mean as lovely as a response this was, it also concerned me so I dug a little deeper. They had been following Toneagraphy since one of the first con I attended and they was at and had always been a fan. To me this was amazing and a little gob smacking to be honest I will explain why.

I would not consider myself either the greatest photographer or editor in the world (awww you say you being modest) No i am being realistic I am good I know I have created some good shots in partnership with the cosplayer or model. It a team effort one without the other is pretty pointless. So the question could come the otherway Am I unworthy of people shooting with me. Simple answer is yes but some people might decide not to shoot with me because of distance, or they don’t like my work, they might not like the way I work or they may just not like me and all of those a good reason not to work with someone and I am not offended by that at all its life you can’t like everyone style or working methods or even personality.

Resha Cosplays first studio shoot I also did Resha Cosplays first location shoot too

Secondly I do this for fun not to be the best not to make money for me this is my way of relaxing and a passion. Con are non stop mayhem and I love them for that . Studio and locations shoot are more chilled and generally a good laugh you get to know people better some of the cosplayer and model I have met at con’s and booked for photoshots have become friends. People who company I enjoy both at a shoot or just relaxing with going for a bite to eat with, going to the pub with or playing silly games (cards against humanity) with.

The last reason I do it is my shots seem to make most people happy and to me the gift of happyness even for a short time is the greatest gift anyone can give someone, it is pricesless.

I have always said I would do a shoot for anyone and once upon a time that was true these days I have a few rules about who I will shoot for. I never been selective but I suppose I am but my selectivness is not based on your looks, gender, sexuality, race or any other reason people get discrimated for.

I will do a shoot for anyone except

  1. People who have cancelled repeatedly on me at the last minute for no other reason that I think booking a studio shoot with them could well be a waste of my time and it could be a chance someone else would have had to shoot.
  2. People who think they are better than other people I seen a little of this in the cosplay and modelling community, sorry but if you think your better than everyone else we will not get on. I have no issue with confidence but there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. This generally is a gut call by me but I suspect people like this wouldn’t want to shoot with me anyway.

There is one other reason why I might not be able to book a shoot with you in the short term and thats is simply time. both out of con and in con my time is limited I like to shoot for as many people as I can but i have to balance that with me resting and editing and you know Life in general i.e. family, work house, work, and other stuff I do to relax meals and drinks with friends and going to see bands everything is important . Currently I am booking for May/June and July I have time in each of these months

green.eyes.thick.thighs Not only first studio shoot but only the second shoot done

Now here is the thing Toneagraphy is no longer just one photographer we are a team of photographers so even if I can’t offer you a shoot maybe one of the other photographers can. In the future we will be bring calanders for each of the photographers so you can book directly with any of them but in the mean time if I am booked when you want a shoot use the contact page to contact us and we will see what we can arrange for you.

If you never done an out of con shoot before so what have a go you might love it. we will do our best to make sure you have fun at least.

Finally to answer the question in the post title. Yes you are good enough everyone is doesn’t matter if it your first time or you done it before have a go not just with Toneagraphy although we would love to be the team you choose but there are plenty of other amazing photographers out there find one who style you like and contact them. you never know

We look forward to maybe shooting with some of you soon


You can book me here

for Con and Events have a look here for details on booking slots

If you just want to contact us to discuss a shoot idea of working with one of the other photographers then you can Contact us here

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