Toneagraphy online is doing a 24 hour Photoshoot In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. At least one of us Tony will be staying awake for the Full 24 hours. we are starting the action at mid day on the 2nd and will keep going until mid day on the 3rd or until we are all dead whatever comes first.

On the 2nd of Feburuay 2019 Toneagraphy online is doing a 24 hour Photoshoot In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. At least one of us Tony will be staying awake for the Full 24 hours. we are starting the action at mid day on the 2nd and will keep going until mid day on the 3rd or until we are all dead whatever comes first. Come and support Tony and the crowd in helping to raise funds for this amazing charity and we will do everything we can to entertain you not just with photoshoots but also Cards Against Humanity, Quizes Q&A, Guests, howto’s all based around Cosplay, Modelling and photography with over 30 people involved in this madness what could go wrong ! ok ok Everything ! but what ever way it will be fun.

Here is everything you need to know about what is going on

Photoshoot running order

If there is a favourite cosplayer or cosplay you know when to tune in

12:30Alice –
Tony – Toneagraphy
Anne wheeler
13:00Rennee – lolita_nightcosplayTony – Toneagraphy Chise Hatori
13:30Sandie Tony – ToneagraphyTBC
14:00Becca – bekzxxcosplayBrandon – Manong brandonJunko
14:30Michelle –
Brandon – Manong brandon Princess Peach
15:00Alisdair –
Tony – Toneagraphy Hanzo Scion
15:30 Alice –
Tony – Toneagraphy Ariel the little mermaid
16:00Rhiannon – Rhilentless Tony – Toneagraphy casual Cindy from FFXV
16:30Charlotte –
Jacob – Simply PhotographyMary-Jane
17:00Tara – Swan & Signet Cosplay Jacob – Simply Photography Yennefer Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
17:30Marc – SpinDash Adventures Tony – Toneagraphy Rorschach
18:00Lauren –
Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
18:30Jess – daisybanaisy Charlotte –
mary saotome
19:00Emma – libra_li7
Charlotte –
Panther Eli
19:30Ed – titanontour
Suprise PhotographerTBC
20:00Rebecca – bekki_dreamerSuprise Photographer MonoJunko
20:30Gemma- gemmathevixen Tony – Toneagraphy classic jinx
21:00 Becca bekzxxcosplay Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
21:30 Melissa – Liastris Cosplay Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
22:00Rob – landstar_cosplay Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
22:30Jo – mojo_jones Haukur – ToneagraphyTBC
midknight_dragon &
Brandon Manong brandon
Haukur – Toneagraphy TBC
Brandon – Manong brandonTBC
00:00 Tony – Toneagraphy Brandon – Manong brandonSuprise !
00:30 Melissa – Liastris Cosplay
Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
01:00 Emma – libra_li7 Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
01:30Izzy – pages_of_izzy Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
02:00Firdaus –
Jacob – Simply Photography Lingerie
02:30 Caz-
Jacob – Simply Photography Lingerie
03:00Claire – Magora Cosplay Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
03:30 Emma – libra_li7 Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
04:00Zoe – theillustratedgirl Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
04:30 Rebecca – bekki_dreamer Charlotte –
05:00 Izzy – pages_of_izzy Charlotte –
05:30 Michelle –
Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
06:00 Zoe – theillustratedgirl Tony – Toneagraphy Lingerie
06:30 Tayor – Cosplay and all the rest Tony – Toneagraphy Sports lingerie Zarya
07:00 Claire – Magora Cosplay Haukur – Toneagraphy Guan Yinping
07:30 Firdaus –
Haukur – Toneagraphy Lottie Person
08:00Tayor – Cosplay and all the rest Tony – Toneagraphy K/da Kai’Sa
08:30Ed – titanontour Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
09:00Elise –
Tony – Toneagraphy
 Greta Gremlin – Gremlins 2
09:30Emily – steelgirlcosplay Brandon – Manong brandon TBC
10:00 Michelle –
Brandon – Manong brandon Queen of Hearts
10:30Rhiannon – Rhilentless Tony – Toneagraphy TBC
11:00 Gemma- gemmathevixen Tony – Toneagraphy TBC

Non Photoshoot Activities with times

As well as Photoshoots we will have a lot of other things going on as well

12:30: we will see the start of the mammoth game of Cards Against Humanity. we hope to keep this going for the full 24 hours let see how bad this can get! Now on refered to as CAH

13:00: Michelle – candyylocks will be chatting to the people (as if she ever stops talking) in the green Room about why they got involved. cosplay modelling and lots of other subject that just come to mind

14:00: Tony – Toneagraphy will be talking about photography and editing in general a great chance for any new photographer to ask questions or for more experienced photographer to add input or to make fun of us joined by Charlotte – poisoned_photography1

15:00: we are very luck to have VEXED Cosplay & Props Join us for a talk and Q & A session about Foam crafting

16:00: OMG It’s actor, streamer, stage fighting instructor and all round good guy Liam Mulvey of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV fame and of questionable taste in shorts! Liam will be hot footing it from Kupocon: Wee Pom the week before and will be joining us to do our first giveaway of
Kupocon merch. If you are a Final Fantasy fan this is a must. How do you enter the giveaway see below

16:30 – Tony – Toneagraphy most people know the story of Toneagraphy and how we got started but for some this will be new Tony will lead a quick overview of who we are and what we do, why we do it and how you can get involved Question are welcome 🙂 hope not to bore you to much 🙂

Alisdair – angelundies – will be giving a overview of 3d printing when it goes right and when it goes wrong advice of printers and supply as well as some Q &A

17:30 Liam Mulvey is back to talk about acting Final Fantasy, streaming, and why he wears questionable shorts. Great time to ask Liam a question or two, like “how many times have you died playing Kingdom Hearts?” and “why do you keep playing Fifa when you clearly hate it?”.

18:00 we will drop back in on the CAH players to see how rude they can be

18:30: we will be talking to Brandon – Manong brandon about his story of his fight with cancer and how Macmillan Cancer Support had help him

19:00 We have a surprise guest cosplay Photographer coming and before he does his shoots we will be talk to him about photography and the cosplay community

19:30: Mojo Jones battle with Cancer is well known to a lot of us and I am sure a lot of you followed her Pinktober shoots what Toneagraphy had the pleasure of being involved with. Now we will talk to Mojo about her battle and how Macmillan Cancer Support helped her.

20:00 Geeky quiz time join us for a quiz first person to get the correct answer will get a small prize. the person with the most correct answers will get a slightly bigger prize

20:30 we will check in again on those CAH players see who they have offended this time

21:00: Charlotte a female photographer poisoned_photography1 who also is one of our cosplay models poisoned_cosplay will be talking about being a female photographer and cosplayer in the community

21:30 Jacob – Simply Photography will be trying to get some sense out of the people involved by chatting to them about how they got involved if they are having a good time and if the bacon sandwiches are worth it

10:30 Brandon – Manong brandon will be doing our second give away this is a amazing bit of art by sm art well worth having Tony a huge fan of sm art and so far has 4 pictures that he has done on his walls and will be getting more

11:00 watch Mojo Jones do Tony Make up. maybe this will be his first ever cosplay or maybe it will be more come join in and try to guess what Tony shoot will be then join and see the fun happen at midnight

12:30 Jacob – Simply Photography and Brandon – Manong brandon will be talking about making video and short’s equipment advice and editing advice as well as question welcome

01:30 Time to drop in on the CAH game again see if anyone used the Bee? card yet

02:00 Izzy – pages_of_izzy and Tony – Toneagraphy to talk about modelling from both a models point of view and a photographers point of view tip from both on how to become a photography model and the high and low of being a model

02:30 want to grab some Toneagraphy merch now is the time you will find out if you been lucky enough to get some (or unlucky) Tony – Toneagraphy will be throwing stuff at you

03:00 let see who is awake and Becca – bekzxxcosplay them why they wanted to get involved in this general talk about modelling lingerie, I expect it will get funny in places with lack of sleep

04:30 So you think you know music Join tony for a music quiz ranging from the 60 – current rock indy blue metal pop music there will be prizes being thrown at you

05:00 Tony – Toneagraphy is going to bore you all senseless talking about photography equipment and the studio equipment being used but if your into photography this might interest you

5:30 Another give aways this time Becca – bekzxxcosplay will be throwing more Toneagraphy merch at you

06:00 Claire – Magora Cosplay will be talking about sewing fror cosplay costume best stitches how to stab yourself lots of time with small sharp things what the difference between a pin and a needle

06:30 As the last of the lingerie shoots is done on the studio feed we will be seeing who is awake and how they are doing

07:00 A chance to have a general chat about what the cosplay community can do to help charities and each other

07:30 Tony – Toneagraphy most people know the story of Toneagraphy and how we got started but for some this will be new Tony will lead a quick overview of who we are and what we do, why we do it and how you can get involved Question are welcome 🙂 hope not to bore you to much 🙂 Again !!!

08:00 Makeup times not just for cosplay but for modelling too some of the cosplayers and model will be sharing their secrets with you

09:00 Another give away this time make up perfect for cosplayers and models or if you forgot to buy you wife a valentines present
Michelle – candyylocks to do the draw.

Tony – Toneagraphy and Haukur – Toneagraphy will be talking about Non Model/cosplayer related photography Landscapes wildlife etc equipment used for it hints and tips on camera setup

10:00 we will thank all the people that have sponsored or help us out to be able to do this.

10:30: we are going to be talking about cosplaying the pro and con of it, if your interested in getting into cosplay and you never done it before this will be great to help you decide if it is for you. Michelle – candyylocks will kick this off

11:00 final visit to the CAH game what was the funnist set of cards

11:30 Well folks thats all all the thank you’s all the funniest moments someone pour Tony a vodka and coke Dancing and paper tape bombs

12:00 SLEEP well maybe after a short after party 🙂

Where can I watch this?

The Studio Stream will be broadcast on our youtube channel here: Toneagraphy Photography

You can watch the all the action in the green room on Toneagraphy Facebook page

you can donate on our Just give page Easy to use choose how much you want to give please only give what you can afford.

or you can Text 70070 with the following code CMAT92 and the amount you wish to donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10

How do I get to be in a giveaway?

Simple all you need to do is donate what you can to our total and you will be included in all the giveaways if you donate beforehand then you will have the biggest chance as you will be in all our giveaways you can donate via text if you do this please let us know you have donated by messaging Toneagraphy either on Facebook or Instagram or use our just give page

This video explain about all the give away and prizes

Things that are up for grab on the 24 hour cosplayers models and Togs against cancer

You can find all the information you need to know about this at mentioned in the video are as follows

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