Remember both Model and Photographers are human. make sure there is refreshment on hand and take breaks People think both modelling and photography consist on one person standing smiling the other pressing the button on the camera, it really not that easy and is very hard work at times. Treat each other like humans not a machine and an object

Here at Toneagraphy we have a policy of putting the Models safety and treating the Model with respect. No matter of a persons Age, Gender, or Ethnictiy. Model’s are people not object and they need should be treated in a respectful way and have the right to feel safe.

For some models the photographer is in a position of power and power should never be abused. No matter if the model has had years of experience or its her/his first time modelling. respect is the key

These guidelines that I will go into soon are based upon our experience and from talking to Models. I spoken a lot about models here but I include in this cosplayers and there are some specific rules for cosplayer and con.

so the guidelines

First and foremost never touch the model unless he/she ask you to. We have all spotted a costume or outfit that’s not quite right maybe a strap showing when it should or gaps on the outfit created by the person posing in a specific way or even a hair or some fluff on the outfit. don’t just walk up to the model and make the change. Tell them about it they may ask you to fix it they may want to fix it themselves or ask a friend to. just because someone is modelling for you doesn’t give you the right to invade personal space. when it comes to cosplayer you shouldn’t play with the cosplay prop without permission

Credit to Silmarwen Cosplay taken at MCM London

Show the model the work as you go. This is especially import in lingerie, art nude or Cosplay. part of the outfit might not be right, and the model can see this better than the photographer (especially in the case of some cosplay’s) or for art nude and Lingerie it shows the model that you are not taking advantage of the situation.

Photographer: Jacqueline Tan

If possible, always be on time or communicate with the model if there is an issue. Traffic, Public transport are not controllable and sometimes life just gets in the way of plans Communication is key

While not always true for cosplay but in some cases can be always discuss the shoot before had what you as a photographer are looking to get from the shoot, and what the model wants to get from the shoot and I am not talking about just images but also the level of modelling involved. Agree the level before be it portrait, fashion, cosplay, swimwear, boudoir, glamour, topless or nude. Pre-shoot communication is the key to a fun and enjoyable shoot for all parties involved.

Model Release forms are a touchy subject for a lot of people but they don’t have to be. Not all photographers use them and a lot say they have no legal standing in the UK. This while is true as a legal document however as it could be used in a court of law as it would be seen as a contract if worded correctly. The Royal Photograpic Society Model Release is well designed and free to use. This is the one we use with some specific modifications. A model release also defines how the pictures can be used on both sides this is important if working TFP (time for print)

Photographer; Andy Sherwood Models crookytail cosplay and white shadow cosplay

Cancellations on either side can be a pain but sometimes life just gets in the way. we have a policy of being understanding and trying to give models or cosplayers a second chance. some say you should always give at least 72 hours notice but its not always possible on both side if communication is maintained then a reschedule can be arranged. and this is true for both sides. if however either side is let down twice at the last moment then its best to move on as reliability is part of professionalism.

Payment if applicable should be made either way before the shoot starts including expenses as this can be an awkward point and could spoil the shoot. This should all be agreed in advance. At Toneagraphy we only work TFP but sometimes travel costs are required either for the model to travel to the studio or for the photographer to travel to a location our basic rule is if the photographer request the shoot and the model has to travel we pay expenses up to a reasonable level. if the model requests the shoot then expenses are not paid unless the photographer has to travel to a location at which point the model will be asked in advance to pay travel costs.

Return of shots and number of shots, If your working TFP agree at the shoot or before hand the number of shots that will be returned approx. how long before they are returned. The Toneagraphy way of working is Shot will be returned within 3 months unless otherwise stated (sometimes we get really busy) however we do like to return a few shots normally no more than 10 as close as we can to the shoot date (i.e. within a few days) these will be simple edits nothing to complicated just so the model has something to show for the day

It is important to remember unless the model has purchased the ownership of the photos (a very expensive thing and photographers will rarely sell the ownership) Then the photographer owns the photo and can do anything they like with it (unless it has been limited with a contract or a model release form) the photographer normally give permission for the model to use the photograph for portfolio and non-commercial reasons if the model wishes to sell the image this should be discussed with the photographers this includes site like patron Onlyfan etc etc and sale of prints. a separate contract may be required for this type of work.

Photographer: Simply Photography

What if the model doesn’t like the shots. This can happen they might not like the image or the edit of the image First of all its it the edit the model should not edit or ask someone else other than the photographer to change an edit and the photographer is with their rights to refuse although most are open to discussing it. A model can ask for a shot to be removed from public display but the photographer does have to however they should remove any credit to the model. Most Photographer however will remove a picture from public display if requested. Toneagraphy has a policy of showing the model all the finished images before posting any on social media with the exception of shots taken at Con as it would be near on impossible to do so

Remember both Model and Photographers are human. make sure there is refreshment on hand and take breaks People think both modelling and photography consist on one person standing smiling the other pressing the button on the camera, it really not that easy and is very hard work at times. Treat each other like humans not a machine and an object

Photographer: Natalia Oblekowska

Lastly and the most important for both side. If your asked to do something that doesn’t feel right or you don’t want to do Say NO. if pressure is put on to do it end the shoot.

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