What Have I been up to and what have i got planned for the next few weeks

So as i have announced on Facebook I have decided to go back to being a one man band photographers so there will be some changes on this website, some have already happened one man and his camera is becoming my new project

I decided this for various reasons not all i will go into but the main reason really is that the idea of having a team was to reduce my work load when in fact it increased it and increased my costs.

So my new project it to mix all the photography I love together and do more of a range of types of photography.

I have been pretty busy with Mojo Jones Pinktober lots of that to come still.

I am on my way north on Monday for 9 days my itinerary is as follow.

Monday 7th arrive in Newcastle

See friends do some shoots and get my tattoo finished hopefully do a location shoot and maybe a little wildlife stuff

Thursday 10th Arrive in Scarborough

See friends and do some shoots hope to do some landscape shots too

Saturday 12th Arrive in Liverpool

Seeing friend and doing some shoots also doing some cityscape shots

Monday 14th Arrive in Manchester

Seeing Friends and doing some shoots as well as some cityscape shots

Wednesday 16th Return to Reading

If you want to catch up or do a shoot i might be able to fit one or two in still give me a shout

or if you want to see what i find over that hill then keep following Toneapgraphy – One man and his camera Post

In the mean time here is some of the stuff I have been doing over the last few weeks lots more to come check out my updated Portfolio

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