At mid day on the 3rd of August 2019 we will be doing our second live streamed photo shoot in aid of charity. the charity this time is Mind and we will be focusing on mental health awareness. with over 40 models, cosplayer and photographers involved and give away at least every hour as well as talks, advice, interviews, Auctions it going to be a fun packed 24 hours. with crazy madness going on for the whole 24 hours.

You can watch us for the full 24 hours on our youtube Channel

So how can you get involved well the easy answer is to donate. to be eligible for the giveaway you have to have donated.

you can donate anytime from now on at our Just give page
your time keeping us company is also a big way you can help join in and keep us a little less insane than we would be with plenty of banter.

you can ask question in any of the interviews or talks each one will have a Q&A Section or ask questions for the models or the photographers. your time keeping us company is also a big way you can help join in and keep use a little less insane than we would be.

Below is all the information you will need

Shooting Schedule

Each model will have 20 mins with the photographer each model will receive two images from each set what i am sure they will be sharing on social media as well as the photographers sharing them so if you want to see the results after the edits then make sure you follow the model and the photographer during the 24 hours we will be scrolling though all the shots taken so you can see how the Raw Image looks

12:00Tony of Toneagraphycandyylocks
12:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Pixiedustcosplayuk
12:40 Tony of Toneagraphy healingwindcosplay
13:00poisoned photographysansanvicosplay
13:20poisoned photographyBendybenz
13:40poisoned photographyNettle_Creates
14:00 Tony of Toneagraphy
14:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Riacosplay
14:40 Tony of Toneagraphy Pixiedustcosplayuk
15:00Darren Rowleybekki_dreamer
15:20Darren Rowleybekzxxcosplay
15:40Darren Rowleyneoninu
16:00 Tony of Toneagraphy Bendybenz
16:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Twistedsisterscosplay
16:40 Tony of Toneagraphy Tarabrigden
17:00Hanna of ToneagraphyAngelUndies
17:20Hanna of Toneagraphy Nettle_Creates
17:40Hanna of ToneagraphyCici_bea
18:00 Tony of ToneagraphyTwistedsisterscosplay
18:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Riacosplay
18:40 Tony of Toneagraphy bekithefudge
19:00poisoned photographyRoselilycosplay
19:20poisoned photography KJ_Cosplay
19:40poisoned photographypixieboyblue
20:00 Tony of Toneagraphy mojo_jones
20:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Landstar_cosplay
20:40 Tony of Toneagraphy poisoned_cosplay
21:00Darren Rowleymojo_jones
21:20Darren Rowleybeast_awakens
21:40Darren RowleyMagora_cosplay
22:00 Tony of Toneagraphy Samm213cosplay
22:20 Tony of Toneagraphy Cici_bea and KJ_cosplay
22:40 Tony of Toneagraphy celerymoondesigns
23:00Hanna of ToneagraphyOtterykhaleesi
23:20Hanna of Toneagraphymothermafiacosplay
23:40Hanna of Toneagraphytheillustratedgirl
00:00poisoned photographyDarren Rowley and
Tony of Toneagraphy
00:20 Tony of Toneagraphycelerymoondesigns
00:40 Tony of Toneagraphy Lady Intrepid
01:00 Tony of Toneagraphyliastris9
01:20 poisoned photography Magora_cosplay
01:40 poisoned photography bekzxxcosplay
02:00 Tony of Toneagraphy theillustratedgirl
02:20 Tony of Toneagraphy beast_awakens
02:40Darren Rowleyagnieszkahada
03:00Darren RowleyOtterykhaleesi
03:20Darren RowleyLady Intrepid
03:40Darren Rowleybeast_awakens
04:00 Tony of Toneagraphy bekzxxcosplay
04:20 Tony of Toneagraphytheillustratedgirl
04:40 Tony of Toneagraphybekki_dreamer
05:00Hanna of Toneagraphypixieboyblue
05:20Hanna of Toneagraphyliastris9
05:40Hanna of Toneagraphycandyylocks
06:00 Tony of Toneagraphylibra_li7
06:20 Tony of ToneagraphyLady Intrepid
06:40 Tony of Toneagraphycandyylocks
07:00Hanna of Toneagraphybekki_dreamer
07:20Hanna of Toneagraphyjknjaegarcosplay
07:40Hanna of ToneagraphyRoselilycosplay
08:00 Tony of ToneagraphySteelgirlcosplay
08:20 Tony of Toneagraphy liastris9
08:40 Tony of Toneagraphymaladjustedfreak
09:00Food And CosplayNakanajin
09:20Food And Cosplaycandyylocks
09:40Food And Cosplaylibra_li7
10:00poisoned photographyFliss Brain
10:20poisoned photographyLandstar_cosplay
10:40poisoned photographySteelgirlcosplay
11:00Darren RowleyMagora_cosplay
11:20Darren Rowleypoisoned_cosplay
11:40 Tony of Toneagraphy Twistedsisterscosplay

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Talks, Interviews, Q&A

A whole range of subject to be covered, either pick and choose or join in with them all if you like

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Start TimeSubjectHost
12:00Intro and Run though of whats plannedjknjaegarcosplay /
13:20Cosplay and Mental Health Cici_bea
14:20Winning masqurades Magora_cosplay /
15:20Acting general chit chatliamjmulvey
17:20make up for modelling mojo_jones
18:203d Printing AngelUndies
19:20SFX makeup Twistedsisterscosplay
20:20Living with mental Health mothermafiacosplay
21:20Mo Gallager InterviewMJGallagher
22:20Living with Body Dismorpher theillustratedgirl
23:20light saber liastris9 / Nakanajin
00:20Cosplay as a man beast_awakens
01:20how we can support each other Tony of Toneagraphy
02:20Doing an Edit poisoned photography
03:20Getting started in modelling pixieboyblue
04:20Social media how to  candyylocks
05:20Post Con crunch poisoned photography
06:20Kit talk Darren Rowley
07:20What it Takes  Tony of Toneagraphy
08:20New to Toneagraphy Samm213cosplay
09:20Sewing for cosplay Magora_cosplay
10:20Mental Health for men  Tony of Toneagraphy
11:20thank the people giving stuff away candyylocks /
12:00Thanks for all the support

Give Away’s

If you donate less that £30 and your lucky enough to have been randomly drawn twice you will be asked what give away you prefer and the other one will be redrawn for donates over £30 and less than £100 and you get drawn 3 times you will be asked what two give away you want and the additional one will be redrawn donations over £100 you will receive everything you get drawn for . this is based upon your total donation at the point of the draw so it doesn’t have to be in one go. we also have a mind t-shirt some fridge magnets toneagraphy mugs, toneagraphy pins and cosplayer prints that will be drawn at random thought out the 24 hours

TimePresenter Prize
13:00Roselilycosplay /
Adam Croasdell Signed picture
14:00Roselilycosplay /Samm213cosplay Insert coin Clothing £10 voucher
15:00Roselilycosplay / Tony of Toneagraphy
Ryuuza Art – Full colour marker commission
16:00Roselilycosplay /jknjaegarcosplay£10 Gift Card from Tyges Supplies
17:00Roselilycosplay / Tony of Toneagraphy Adam Croasdell Signed picture
18:00Roselilycosplay / maladjustedfreak
Ryuuza Art – Full colour marker commission
Roselilycosplay / candyylocks
Angel Undies – 3d printer commission
20:00Roselilycosplay / jknjaegarcosplay
Enchantriss Art
My Hero Academia prints
Roselilycosplay / Tony of Toneagraphy

Ryuuza Art – Full colour marker commission
22:00Roselilycosplay / bekzxxcosplayFull set of the Final Fantasy Unofficial Novelisation By MJGallagher
23:00Roselilycosplay / Samm213cosplay A bird of Hermes– Wig commission
00:00candyylocks / maladjustedfreak £20 Gift Card from Tyges Supplies
01:00bekzxxcosplay / candyylocks Astridia Designs print
02:00poisoned photography /
Arcturus Wands – carved wand
03:00Tony of Toneagraphy
Every Echoing Breath by Rachel Hains ( signed ) 
04:00candyylocks Enchantriss Art My Hero Academia prints
05:00poisoned photography /
Adam Croasdell Signed picture
06:00 Darren Rowley /
Insert coin Clothing £10 voucher  
07:00Roselilycosplay /
Tony of Toneagraphy
Mike Wilkinson – fantasy edit
08:00Roselilycosplay /

Ryuuza Art – Full colour marker commission
09:00Roselilycosplay /
Tony of Toneagraphy
Astridia Designs A4 art commission
10:00Roselilycosplay /
Adam Croasdell Signed picture and a signed picture of Adrian Bouchet as Drautos from FFXV
11:00Roselilycosplay /
£30 Gift Card from Tyges Supplies

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The auctions will be on our Facebook page we will add them all as announcements so they are easy to find we will also share a link to them in the youtube chat. the highest bidder will have 24 hours to pay the winning bid from the time the auction ends via our just give page. if they fail to do this it will go to the next highest bidder etc etc

Start Time on SaturdayEnd time on SundayItemdonated by 
13:0007:00amShoot with Darren RowleyDarren Rowley
14:0008:00amDay worth of Tattoo Masamune tattoos
15:0009:amPhoto shoot with Iphoto plus framed A3 printIphotouk
16:0010:00amHarley Quinn cosplay commission ( bodysuit/leotard with   accessories cuffs , gloves and collar )Stitchkittenuk
17:0011:00amShoot with Darren RowleyDarren Rowley

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