are we mad yes we are so we are doing it again. Toneagraphy presents 24 hour live stream in aid of Mind

On the 3rd of August 2019 Toneagraphy is holding its second 24 hour photo shoot for charity. This will start at mid day and end at mid day on the 4th of August

This time the charity we are supporting is Mind. Mind is a well know charity that does a lot of good work helping people suffering from mental health illness’s they also help raise awareness about mental health and the issues it can cause people and the people around those who are suffering.

Working in the Cosplay, Modelling and photography community we see a lot of people suffering from mental health issues and most of the team suffer themselves in some way or another. we felt this was a charity we can get behind

Following on from our success in February 2019 when we raised £3400 plus gift aid for Macmillan trust we decided we wants to do something to not only support a mental health charity but also raise awareness and get people talking about mental health.

We will be live for the whole 24 hours not only showing the photo shoot but also everyone involved talking about mental health and how it has affected our lives. with over 25 model a mixture of Cosplay, fashion and Lingerie and 5 amazing photographers ranging from Professional photographers to passionate hobbyist. This will be held at the Toneagraphy studio based in Reading . Along with people sharing their experiences of mental health we hope to bring Q&A about Photography, Cosplay, Modelling, Prop making, costume design, tips from make up artist and a quiz. We also hope to have some fun stuff to give away to people that have donated. and to make it fun for the people supporting us.

We are looking for people to help provide things to give away and to make people aware of what we are doing and why. if you can assist in anyway or would like more information please contact us at

if you want to see a Summary of what we did last time

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