Stripped Bare and in a Bubble

10 months ago I came up with a concept to show how I feel about mental health in particular my own depression this has been a side project that I have worked on in between other projects. before you watch this I would just like to warn you this is an Art Nude project and is NSFW. other than that I will let this speak for itself

I hope that this has had an impact on at least some people I would like to thank everyone that has been involved in the project and I would ask if you found this interesting, useful or even just worthy please share please help to get the message out – Tony

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4 thoughts on “Stripped Bare and in a Bubble

  1. Didn’t know you also suffered from depression. It’s healthy to promote speaking about these things, as it can help a lot of people i think.

  2. Love this! Was looking forward to seeing the final piece since you last told me about it. Music goes well with it too! Well done for finishing the project and spreading awareness in your own creative way!

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