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Darren Rowley is a very experienced photographer describes himself as the old tubby guy with a beard and a Nikon. A total joker and all-round good guy (without the white Stetson). He’s also been known to eat pizza with a knife and Fork. Darren has been active in the cosplay community for many years and has a love for working Black and White images.

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How long have you been a photographer?

30 years Started in 1989 with a Canon AE-1 before changing to Nikon F3 that had Aperture priority. No matrix metering though. Just spot metering and before auto focus. Came to Digital late as I didn’t think digital would take off so about 2006 before I switched to digital With the Nikon D200

How did you start as a photographer?

I used to use it as a way of helping me with my art. Drawing from the pics etc. Never took it seriously as an art form. Pics of friends in bands etc.Never studied photography. BUT i was developing my own black and white by ’92 for art school during my foundation art course as a short module.

Copyright: Darren Rowley Photography

What’s you Favorite lens and why ?

Nikon 70-200 F2.8, Had 3 versions and would never be without it. love the depth of field, speed and sharpness.

Natural light or strobe lighting what do you prefer?

Whatever is available and suits the situation or whatever the image I want to create desires, No real preference for either

Copyright: Darren Rowley Photography

What is your favourite subject to shoot People Wildlife landscape event other?

Art Nude

What was the last shoot you did?

Art Nude
Loved working with a new (to me) model, with great creativity and enthusiasm. Hated having to stop studio time.

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Do you prefer to get as much right in camera or Edit your images to get the look you want?

I am a photographer not a digital artists so I get as much right in camera as I can. Photoshop (beyond basic skin retouching) is a mystery to me, Hopefully one day I will learn

Dream Location to shoot?

Grand canyon, possibly. or an abandoned asylum

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Do you do studio work or location only or both ?


If you could give one tip to other photographers what would it be ?

Read the manual. (know your camera/Kit)

Copyright: Darren Rowley Photography

Do you like to collaborate with other photographers or only work alone?

I rarely get asked. And for most of my photography work, it’s not an option. But it is something I should, and would like, to do more often.

How do you think the photographer community can help each other more?

It is so much better than it used to be years ago. Togs are more open about there kit, processes and ideas. Just continue helping others if they ask for help and not being a dick about it.

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If you could give new models one bit of advice what would it be?

Ask Questions.

Ask the photographer questions, ask other models (who have worked with that tog), for references, ask about chaperones, locations and ideas/levels. All before you shoot with anyone.

who is you favorite photographer and why?

Herb Ritts. Always loved his style.

Copyright: Darren Rowley Photography

How can people get to work with you?

Via Instagram @drplad or Facebook

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