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So home from MCM Birmingham and I thought I would share my views on this con. This was my 5th time Attending Birmingham MCM and it has become a must go to con for me. So why do i like it ? all this and more will be reviled below. first of all I need to thank my partner in Crime, my driver, my lightstand holder, my torch holder and the man that has made me laugh all weeking by calling a furry a flurry and I am never going to be able to order a mcflurry again without calling it a a Mc Furry. Con would not be the same without Haukur

Reasons to love Birmingham MCM Locations to shoot and room to shoot. Many Con its hard to find a decent place to shoot. and Concention centers like Olympia leave me hating the bad like and the lack of ok location to shoot without walking some distance. The NEC offer a lot of Options both inside and out

Claire of Magora Cosplay

the Atmosphere seems a lot more chilled out over the manic mayhem of London MCM and Other London Based Comic Con’s

Now don’t get me wrong i love the non stop manic run around like your butt is on fire of London MCM but equally I love the chilled out wandering the halls of Birmingham MCM. So if you want to attend a MCM thats not as manic as London or as expensive I would recommend Birmingham without any second thoughts.

Alfie of Alf the Elf

This year we was in the Atrium again I have heard people dislike the atrium Halls but personally I love them loads of natural light inside lots of room to shoot if your willing to wander away from the con.

So High and lows of the con for me this year

Becca of Bekzxx Cosplay


Con location as I have said above the Atrium is one of my fav places at the NEC to have the con.

from the brief walk around I did on the con there seems to be more smaller craft vendors

Great mix of cosplayers from all over the UK and some from Europe

Prices for hotels tickets and even food and good food options

Two of my closest friends winning at the Masqurade one each day check out th amazing Magora Cosplay how wicked cosplay is breath taking who got first place on Saturday and then on Sunday another friend went and pulled off her second win in a month with her Zelda cosplay Bendy Benz Cosplay

Spending time just talking to friends the list is endless and i consider myself so luck to be blessed with such amazing friends and in this I don’t just mean cosplayers but also other awesome cosplay photographers we are kind of a community within a community helping and encouraging each other laugh and joking.

Joe of Supremeoutcast Cosplay


my poor legs i could hardly get out of the car last night ha ha age is getting the better of me

no single social point for the evenings, sadly the pub within the NEC close at 6 so unlike london there is no real long term gathers point of cosplayers and photographers to mingle after the con

I was going to be polite about this but actually I am going to say it for how it is some dirtbag photographers who see cosplayers as an object often a sexual one and have no respect for the community or the cosplayers. Ok I am going to rant a little a bout this there was a couple in particular that I am aware sadly cosplayers feel bullied into shooting with them but cosplayers need to stand up to these people and Just say No thank you I don’t want you to take my picture. Cosplayer and photographers alike have the right to decide who they want to work with and if someone makes you feel ill at ease Say No its the only way to stand to them and them to get the message they are not welcome in the community. Luckly to say this is one or two photographers and there are a whole lot more amazing safe caring photographers in the community. walk away from the dirty bags that prey on cosplayers. Cosplay is not consent and never has been and never will be

Chai of TeaTupens

So after con finished each day

Also as well as all the shots in con I got to grab some great shots out of con as the NEC and area around it has some great locations to shoot. sand got a chance to do some lovely hotel Room shoots

Athena of maliforce

But here is the most important thing. you can get some good shots at con and I personally feel my con shots are improving but for me Con are a place to see friends, make new friends and new contacts get to know different cosplayers and photographers that love cosplay and maybe get a chance to arrange an out of con shoot with some people that i would never have got to meet without comic con’s I am pretty sure I spent more time chatting to people this weekend than I did shooting but I am hoping i have got some shots for people they will like and hopeful people will consider Toneagraphy for outside of con shoots

Helen of Foxy Bop Cosplay

To everyone that took the time to shoot with us. or just say High as we rushed past Cosplayers and photographers alike for the people we spent the evenings with eat drinking laughing. I just want to say Thank you not only for your kindness and friendship but also for making Toneagraphy as a team feel welcome within the cosplay community Can’t wait to see you all at the next one and remember your all awesome sometimes it hard to remember that but you are

Cover picture :Twisted Sisters Cosplay KJCosplay Cici Bea Cosplay Doctor Disney violetmoonwitch proteuscosplay

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