24 Hour photo shoot live stream in aid of Mind.

At mid day on the 3rd of August 2019 we will be doing our second live streamed photo shoot in aid of charity. the charity this time is Mind and we will be focusing on mental health awareness. with over 40 models, cosplayer and photographers involved and give […]

The Bigger Pom – Kupocon a personal Story

A little story about my Kupcon Journey so far

24 Hour shoot – Official Announcement

are we mad yes we are so we are doing it again. Toneagraphy presents 24 hour live stream in aid of Mind

MCM London 2019 May – Review

So it only just over 2 weeks since MCM but already feels like a life time ago. London MCM May is one of the biggest dates in the comic con diary. This has many advantages and disadvantages so lets talk about some of them and what we this […]

Stripped Bare and in a Bubble

10 months ago I came up with a concept to show how I feel about mental health in particular my own depression this has been a side project that I have worked on in between other projects. before you watch this I would just like to warn you this is an Art Nude project and...

MCM Birmingham March 2019

Tony’s Review and comments So home from MCM Birmingham and I thought I would share my views on this con. This was my 5th time Attending Birmingham MCM and it has become a must go to con for me. So why do i like it ? all this […]

2019 Comic Cons

So con season is upon us you might have event been to your first Comic Con of 2019. We have we kicked of the year in Glasgow with the Kupocon WeePom. below is a list of con we will be attendeding this year and what days

Cosplayers, Model and Togs Against Cancer – 24 Live Stream

Toneagraphy online is doing a 24 hour Photoshoot In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. At least one of us Tony will be staying awake for the Full 24 hours. we are starting the action at mid day on the 2nd and will keep going until mid day on the 3rd or until we are all...

Our First YouTube Broadcast

I talked for HOW LONG !!! So first of all sorry I do go half go on, must love the sound of my own voice right up until I listen to it myself. I hope everyone that joined in the stream enjoyed it I know I did even […]

Hey we are new but not that new

If you remember back at school the whole blanksheet of paper that you had to write an essay on, getting started was alwaysthe problem but once you got started you couldn't stop. What should I write about, should I be writing some amazing post that will wow you or should I write something that will...